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$12 Linear Foot
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HyperVent® is a woven polymer bonded to a breathable fabric.
The ¾ inch polymer loops will not compress, allowing plenty of dry air to circulate wherever it's placed.
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$12 Linear Foot
Call 206-783-1696 To Order

HyperVent® minimizes condensation and helps prevent mold and mildew in marine environments. There are dozens of onboard applications.

Wet Locker

Circulating Air Speeds Drying


Dry Bunks

Promotes Air Circulation Under Mattress


Galley Liner

Fights Mold & Mildew


On Deck

Protects Decks & Other Surfaces


Woven Polymer

flexible, yet rigid enough to hold its shape indefinitely


Bilge Pump

Prevents Bilge Pumps From Clogging

hypervent features

hypervent features

hypervent features

hypervent & bunksoxCall 206-783-1696 To Order

hypervent & bunksox

We sell HyperVent® by the linear foot. Place your order based on the number of feet you need. It's 39 inches wide. See Below for measuring tips.

Proper Installation

Use a scissors or knife to trim a sheet of HyperVent® to fit your application. Then install HyperVent┬« with the loop side down and the cloth side up. Its woven polymer will not scratch standard surfaces.

Reduces Moisture Damage

HyperVent®'s manufacturing process is the secret to its effectiveness. The stiff matrix is 95% open, allowing air to freely circulate throughout the material while supporting the weight above. The mat is lightweight and flexible yet rigid enough to hold its shape indefinitely.

Fights Mold & Mildew

HyperVent® reduces dampness and the dangers associated with too much moisture such as mold and mildew. It accomplishes this is two ways: 1) it improves the sleeping surface by providing space underneath the mattress for warm air to circulate, 2) the circulating air promotes evaporation.

hypervent 40 inches wide

HyperVent Measuring Tips

HyperVent is 40 inches wide. If your mattress is 40 inches or less in width, apply the HyperVent lengthwise in a single sheet (see below).

If your mattress is wider than 40 inches apply the HyperVent in sections crosswise. For example, if your mattress is 48 x 76, a single 40 inch sheet won't be wide enough (see below). You'll have to cut the sheet in two and apply it crosswise. If you don't know how much to order, measure your mattress then give us a call.

hypervent measuring tips

What HYPERVENT Customers Say


I installed the HyperVent material under the foam mattress on my 33' power boat to control condensation. The HyperVent did the trick.

Paul Flynn

We used HyperVent this year under the V berth on our 28' lobster cruising boat with great success. It allowed air to circulate under the cushions eliminating any moisture that might have been looking for a home.

Bob McBride

Two layers in the bottom of the refrigerator keeps foods and beverages above any water accumulation. Lining settee storage lockers solved a mold growth problem by eliminating condensation on the hull.

Jim Ripple

My experience with this system is so much better than with other products I've tried. I can enthusiastically recommend HyperVent.

Jill Andrick

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If you have any questions or want to purchase HyperVent® please call 206-783-1696. You may also fill out and submit the following form.